Cookies Policy

Who we are 

An online events and tickets management platform. It is a self-service space for anyone to create, organize, share and promote, manage and sell tickets. This allows individuals, organizations, groups and anyone to do it in few steps using a flawless application. The platform is a space for all kind of events such as music, performing art, festivals, fundraising, political, parties, seminars, workshops, training, tours and more. Our aim is to share thoughts, passion and keep everyone connected and up-to-date.

Data Collection

  • Users: We ask for data information when user decide to use our services. The data is needed and compulsory when user decide to use the service such as buying tickets. The collection is not compulsory and the user no need to provide when it comes to browsing the events, survey collection, however, we may ask user to provide their name, email when they contact us and inquire for some information.   
  • Organizers: For organizer, additional data may be collected such as bank and credit card information, billing address. This collection of data is for later payment processing such as transfer your event payment to the account and information the organizer provides. We may require data collection from a third party to secure payment processing.   
  • Attendees: Information and data form attendees needs to be provided when an attendee is registering for a paid event – the data we collect such as credit card information (number, expiration date, holder name and the billing address). Another data might be collected from attendees by the organizer of the event, this data will be collected by us in accordance with our privacy policy. Other data we may collect from other sources or third parties are related to social media, organizers credit card information, financial data related to payment processing.

Website browser and cookies

We use cookies on our site to improve the performance and the user experience. The user can reject the request of setting cookies on the computer, however, some preferences and features might not work and function properly. The aim of using and placing cookies is for “record-keeping” and to trace information.


Cookie is used and set on the user web browser to store text which can later be accessed and read by the service; it is used to recognize user’s browser. User can manage cookies through the web browser; it can be deleted, disabled.

Contest and acceptance 

By using our website, you are acknowledging that you have read and aware about this privacy and terms. If you have any concern and don’t agree with this policy, we thank you for visiting our website and you are welcome to contact us if you have any concerns and inquiries.